ReSULTS and records

2014 - 2019


The season of 2019 was very eventful and had both ups and downs. It started off great with a 9th place in Luhmühlen, where I also won the prize for best cross, and a third place in Sopot qualifying for the European senior championships. During the summer I got to participate in the 4* class at Luhmühlen Horse trials for my second time, not with the result I had hoped for but still we managed well on this very challenging competition.

Later in the season I got some problems in the cross and had to build up me and my horse’s confidence again. We got great help from a skillful professional and spent two competitions on a slightly lower level. At the end of the season we had gained confidence again and had a good last ride of the year in Strzegom. 

track records

● 3rd place, CCI4*-L in Sopot, Poland

● 9th place, CCI3*-S in Luhmühlen, Germany

● 18th place CCI2*-L in Strzegom, Poland

● 41st place, CCI4*-S in Luhmühlen, Germany

(New names for the classes = the class that was called 3* before is now 4* and so on)


2018 ended up being a very different season for us. It started out very well with getting settled on 3* level. I participated in Luhmühlen horse trials for my first time which was an amazing competition. After a good dressage, a great cross and an almost fantastic show jumping (last fence down), I had big plans for the rest of the season. Unfortunately my horse at this time, Daffodil’s flamenco, got injured and had to rest for the rest of the season. So you could say that we had an absolutely amazing season, it just ended sooner than planned. After resting during the autumn Daffodil’s flamenco recovered completely and came back even stronger. 

track records

● 6th place, CIC3* in Sopot, Poland


● 16th place, CIC3* in Baborowko, Poland

● 28th place, CIC2* in Strzegom, Poland

● 29th place, CIC3* Luhmühlen, Germany


The season was very eventful and we did a lot of new things and went out of our comfort zone. We travelled the long way from Finland to Ireland to compete in the Europeans and later on I did my debut on 3* level in Waregem. The horses that I competed on during this season, Daffodil’s flamenco and Faith, were in great shape and we had a flow going on.

track records

● 1st and 13th place, CCI2* in Sopot, Poland

● 17th place, CIC3* and 8th place, CIC2* in Waregem, Belgium


● 31st place, CCI2* European championhsips (YR) in Millstreet, Ireland 


● 27th place, CIC2* in Sahrendorf, Germany


The goal for the season of 2016 was to also qualify Daffodil’s flamenco for the Europeans. This succeeded and at the end of the season we started the long trip from Finland to Italy. 

During the summer I won my third gold medal in the Finnish championships for young riders in Ypäjä, Finland. Both horses, Faith and Daffodil’s flamenco, did great during the season. We had some fantastic results and the entire team got to experience a lot during the travels and competitions.

track records

● 1st place, CNC1* Finnish championships (YR) in Ypäjä, Finland

● 1st place, CCI2* and 5th place, CIC2* in Kalundborg, Denmark


● 2nd place, CIC1* and 3rd place, CIC2* in Segersjö, Sweden


● 2nd and 9th place, CIC2* in Flyinge, Sweden


● 4th and 8th place, CIC1* in Copenhagen, Denmark


● 23rd place, CCI1* European championships (Junior) in Montelibretti, Italy


● 2nd place, CIC1* and 17th place, CIC2* in Höör, Sweden


In 2015 I competed mostly in Scandinavia but ended the season in Bialy Bor, Poland. Faith and I did our second Europeans for juniors together and I was very beyond happy about our performance in the cross. Together with Faith I also won the Finnish championships for young riders. This was the first season that I competed with Daffodil’s flamenco so I mostly focused on getting to know him and grow a bond between us.

track records

● 1st place, CNC1* Finnish championships (YR) in ypäjä, Finland


● 2nd place, CIC1* and 15th place, CIC2* in Segersjö, Sweden


● 5th place, CCI1* and 8th place CIC1* in Höör, Sweden


● 3rd and 15th place, CCI1* in Flyinge Sweden


● 7th and 19th place, CIC1* in Copenhagen, Denmark


● 35th place, CCI1* European championships (junior) in Bialy Bor, Poland


I spent a few weeks during the spring in Nivelles, Belgium to train. I also participated in my first international FEI competition i Fontainebleau, France where I got my qualification for the European junior championships. During the summer I won the Finnish championships for young riders with Faith and later on we participated in our first European championship in Bishop Burton, Great Britain. The trip to Great Britain was an exciting experience for me and the team.

track records

●  1st place, CNC1* Finnish championships (YR) in Ypäjä, Finland

● 10th place, CCI1* in Flyinge, Sweden


● 17th place, CCI1* in Fontainebleau, France


● 35th place, CCI1* European championships (junior) in Bishop Burton, Great Britain

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