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Latest ReSULTS and records



The season of 2022 has been a blast! I could not be happier. The horses have felt super in all trainings and already in the first show jumping competition we attended in March I felt that This season was going to be a good one. During the season Alfie did his first competition on 2* level and also his first international competition. During the fall he even one an international 2* competition! I just can’t believe his development and I am so grateful to have him in my stable. The future looks very bright. Ressu also competed in several competitions on 2* level, both national and international ones. We’ve ad several wins and placings together and It has been so much fun riding him around the courses! He has given me my confidence back since last season. So season 2023 watch out, because here we come!

track records

● 1st & 7th place, CCI2*-S Kristianstad, Sweden

● 1st place, CCI2*-S 

Lempäälä, Finland


● 1st place, CCN2*-S & 3rd place 100cm Kerava, Finland


The season of 2021 had a rocky start. I lacked confidence in the first competition with Ressu and after that I decided to focus a bit more on show jumping and dressage with him to get a little break from eventing and come back stronger at a later time. At the same time Alfie had an injury and had to rest almost the entire season. When fall came Alfie was feeling much better and I started working with him again. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to prepare for any more competitions that fall, but he developed very nicely and felt super! Ressu got placed in higher dressage classes and I got the confidence back and started to really build motivation for the next eventing season.

track records

● 3rd place Msv B, Flyinge Hästsportklubb, Sweden

● 2nd place Msv B, Sösdalaortens lantliga ryttarföreing, Sweden


● 6th place Msv A, Åsbo, Sweden


The season of 2020 was very different from earlier seasons because of the covid pandemic. We trained hard during the winter and early spring and had plans to compete in Germany, Sweden and Poland among other countries, but this plan had to be put aside and instead I competed in non official competitions in the south of Sweden. Alfie was 5 years old and did his first eventing competitions while Ressu stayed in shape on 2* and 3* level. During the fall, international competitions opened up again and I competed with Ressu in Segersjö SWE CCI2*-S and Kristianstad SWE CCI3*-S.

track records

● 3rd place, CCN2*-S Hermanstorp, Seden


● 2nd place, CCN2*-S Segersjö, Sweden

● 7th place, CIC3* Kristianstad, Sweden


The season of 2019 was very eventful and had both ups and downs. It started off great with a 9th place in Luhmühlen, where I also won the prize for best cross, and a third place in Sopot qualifying for the European senior championships. During the summer I got to participate in the 4* class at Luhmühlen Horse trials for my second time, not with the result I had hoped for but still we managed well on this very challenging competition.

Later in the season I got some problems in the cross and had to build up me and my horse’s confidence again. We got great help from a skillful professional and spent two competitions on a slightly lower level. At the end of the season we had gained confidence again and had a good last ride of the year in Strzegom. 

track records

● 3rd place, CCI4*-L in Sopot, Poland

● 9th place, CCI3*-S in Luhmühlen, Germany

● 18th place CCI2*-L in Strzegom, Poland

● 41st place, CCI4*-S in Luhmühlen, Germany

(New names for the classes = the class that earlier was called 3* is now called 4* and so on)

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