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The best thing about riding is the communication
I have with my horses.

Eirin Losvik horse Calisto



"Alfie" as he is called at home, is the newest member of our team. He is born in 2015 and came to me during fall 2019. He is a very funny horse in the stable and has developed well in riding during our first years together. The aim with him 2022 was to ride our first international competition on 2* level. We achieved this goal, and even finished off the season with an international win. In 2023 I will keep building confidence on bigger competitions with him and build a solid ground for the future. 

Daffodil’s flamenco

“Ressu” is a real gentleman. He had done 2* (today 3*) eventing when he came to me in 2014 and together we have reached 4* international level. He is a calm and extremely clever horse who really knows his job. Although he always does his best on competitions and enjoys it very much I think his absolute favourite activity is hacking at home.

Eirin Losvik horse Daffodils Flamenco
Eirin Losvik horse Faith



"Veeti" has a very special place in my heart. He was the most confident horse on the cross track that I have ever ridden. He really gave me the confidence to feel like we could face any questions. With Veeti we went from 90cm class to international 2* level with good placings and even a win!

Orchid’s fragans


"Fragge" is the pony it all started with. With him I did my very first eventing competition and after that we did great results together on national pony level. “Fragge” came to our family when I was 9 years old and he’s still going strong at our stable at home at an age of 25. He just keeps giving us happiness and joy every day.

Horse Orchid’s Fragans

My childhood ponies

"Still giving me great and funny memories in everyday life"

Eirin Losvik horse Korholan Kamomilla

Korholan Kamomilla 


"Milla" was my family's first horse ever.

She was a little shetland pony and my older sister and I both learned to ride on her. 

She was very stubborn and gave us some very bumpy learning sessions in between the great rides. With her we have some great and more than anything funny memories.

Klockas Zamiro


"Zamiro" was a very nice pony with gentleman manners. He was a great allround horse and we did a little of everything together, dressage, jumping and some small eventing fences as well.  A solid partner and a perfect first bigger pony to start training with.

Eirin Losvik hore Zamiro
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