Results 2015

Resultwise 2015 was an amazing year.

2015 was the first season for me to compete with two horses.

Both Faith and Daffodil´s Flamenco did a great job. And even better: they were healthy and in good shape at every event.



With Faith we won our third gold medal in the Finnish Championships. We also got a nice result ( 35th place) in the European Championship for juniors in Poland. This was our second European Championship.



Faith and I also did our debut in international **.  He proved to me once again that he loves the cross test, and that he does it whole heartedly. We have never had this much fun before! He really is amazing, my Faith!



After knowing Daffodil´s Flamenco for only a few months, my expectations were not that high for the season. But how wrong I was! We got all the required qualifications for international * early in the spring, and we did great competitions abroad. The high lihgt was for sure us two winning the second prize in the Swedish Eventing Tour. We also did some CCI* with great results and got our official qualifications for the European Championships in 2016. Daffodil´s Flamenco has turned out to be a great contribution and a fantastic partner in our team!

As sugar on the top of the cake for 2015, the Finnish Equestrian Federation ranked me as nr 1 among the finnish junior riders, and daffodil´s Flamenco is ranked 5th among the Finnish eventinghorses.

I can hardly wait for the season 2016 to begin!